4G Routers

A 4G Router with an embedded 4G modem allows you to insert a 4G SIM card directly into the router and this provides a 4G mobile broadband Internet connection that can be shared with wired and wireless devices on the Local Area Network.

We stock embedded 4G routers from leading manufacturers including Teltonika, Robustel, Cradlepoint, Huawei, Sierra Wireless and Perle.

Many of our 4G LTE routers are industrial grade and designed for M2M applications for remote access and monitoring but we also stock some business grade 4G routers that are ideal for office 4G connectivity, 4G backup or 4G homeworker connectivity.

As well as the 4G routers, we also sell associated items such as 4G antennas, antenna extension cables, 4G Signal Testers and 4G SIM cards.

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