CSL Signal Analyser
September 23, 2020 By admin 0

CSL Signal Analyser / CS2389 4G Signal Tester

CSL Signal Analyser is a great tool for installers of 4G Routers and 4G Antennas.

This easy to use 4G Signal Tester can simply be powered on and with a single press of the scan button on the colour touch screen display the CS2389 4G network scanner will search for all available 3G and 4G mobile phone network base stations in your location and display the results of available networks with network name, base station info and the signal strength.

This handy 4G tester can help you quickly decide which 4G SIM card to use in your 4G router or can help determine the best location for your 4G Antenna.

The CSL CS2389 4G Signal Analyser can also be used to provide a signal scan for 2.4Ghz WiFi networks.  There will be a 5G Signal Tester available in Q1 2021 which will allow the signal analyser to scan 5G mobile network frequencies but the majority of M2M installations tend to be 4G routers.